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Connection to our fully licenced Alarm receiving centre will provide you with peace of mind and you can relax safe in the knowledge you and the emergency services will be notified immediately.

How intruder alarm monitoring works:

  • An alarm system activates and a signal is sent to the central monitoring station.
  • The monitoring station receives a signal and the customers details automatically flash on the screen within seconds.
  • The method of signaling automatically tells the controller the nature of the alarm, i.e. burglary, fire, personal attack etc.
  • To eliminate false alarms the controller may telephone your premises. Should an incorrect passcode be given or no reply received, it will be treated as an emergency.
  • A controller immediately acts on your behalf notifying keyholders, the Gardai and other relevant emergency services.
  • All information in respect of the activation and subsequent actions taken are recorded on a real time basis. This information can be recalled at any time.

Ace services in partnership with Top Security provides 24 hour alarm monitoring for all types of alarms, including: Intruder, Fire, Panic, Freezer, Medical, Power Failure, Disabled People, Vault, Opening and Closing Management, Flood Warning, Access Control, Ambient Temperature, Humidity Level, Machinery Monitoring and Controlled Environment Monitoring

There are four main reasons why we recommend connection to a monitoring station over any other form of monitoring

  1. 1. Connection to a monitoring station is the only form of monitoring recognised by the insurance companies.
  2. 2. Connection to a monitoring station gives you access to gardai and other emergency response services.
  3. 3. Connection to a monitoring station ensures your system tests itself nightly and gives you peace of mind that your system is in full working order.
  4. 4. Connection to a monitoring station can see you receiving a discount on your insurance premiums of up to 15%


Together with Top Security our partner company for monitoring services you can have Garda response for only €184.50 per annum. This is as little as €3.55 a week.



Ace Alarm Services Top Tip:

Any device connected to a telephone line is prone to lightening damage. Most of the time your alarm will indicate a fault if it is hit by lightening but it may not always do so. Our monitored alarms are set up to send a test signal nightly to the monitoring station and a failure to test, results in our office receiving a fax, indicating your alarm is not working. We then contact you to arrange for an immediate repair to be carried out.

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