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For people whose house is not pre-wired, Ace Alarm Services install a full range of wire free alarm devices.


Wireless Alarms, (sometimes known as wire free or cordless alarm) are often now fitted in place of a wired alarm. The reason for this is, wires do not have to be run through out the building to link the sensors to the control panel, thus avoiding drilling, lifting carpets, floorboards etc, and the disturbance to the structure that could result from these activities.

Most devices on a wireless alarm system are battery operated, with the exception of the control panel which is mains operated, with a battery back up. These batteries will need replacing over time and it is important that you know how many batteries your system will require and how much it will cost to replace them.

Careful system planning can reduce the cost of replacing batteries, for example if your external bell can be hardwired this can reduce the amount of batteries to be replaced by 10 which would result in a saving of €50.00 every time the batteries need to be replaced.

Every system fitted is unique to that person/house and Ace Alarm Services do not adopt a one size fits all attitude with a fixed price for an alarm system. Contact us with any query you may have and we will advise you on the type of system best suited to you and costings associated with same.

For more information on the type of wireless devices that we use,

and the function of each please click on the link below.



Ace Alarm Services Top Tip:

Get a quote for a maintenance contract that includes the replacement of your batteries as they run low.
This way you won't have to pay a call out charge to replace the batteries or even pay for the
batteries themselves.

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