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After we install an alarm system each customer is offered a service and maintenance contract.
Having your alarm system serviced regularly reduces the risk of false alarms and it also keeps your certification for the alarm system valid.

After your alarm is installed you will receive an N.S.A.I Certificate of compliance stating that your alarm system has been fitted to the relevant standard, in this case EN-50131-1. This Certificate of compliance will be void after 12 months unless a maintenance contract is entered in to. Please bear this in mind if you are claiming a discount on your house insurance as most insurance companies will require that your alarm be serviced regularly and maintained up to current standards.

What work is carried out during an alarm service?


Our engineer will arrive on site and carry out the following tests

  • Put the alarm system in to engineering mode
  • Check the events log in the memory of the alarm system
  • Visually inspect all major alarm components for signs of deterioration or damage
  • Check incoming mains voltage
  • Check that unit is earthed
  • Check battery charging voltage and battery voltage and Ah capacity in control panel
  • Check telephone line ( Where applicable)
  • Check /Replace batteries in wireless devices
  • Test all devices for functionality for example shock sensors, contacts, PIR’s etc
  • Test internal and external sirens and strobes
  • Test remote signaling devices
  • Add/delete user codes as necessary
  • Log all test results
  • Return the alarm system to operational mode



Ace Alarm Services Top Tip:

People assume that if their alarm system is faulty then it will be false alarming constantly.

“If it’s not going off it must be working”

There is no such thing as a lifetime guarantee with any electronic item. The only way to make sure your alarm system is working as it should is to get it serviced.

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