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As the name suggests, this type of security system requires a cable to be ran to each component of the alarm system. This system is ideally suited to a house that is being built or one that was already wired at the time of construction.

Ace Services can carry out a site survey to decide if this is the best type of system for you.


Q. Would you ask your carpenter how to do the plumbing for your house?
A. No....

Then don’t ask anybody other than an alarm installer about wiring your house for an alarm!!

It might seem obvious that the person to ask about wiring your house for an alarm would be an alarm installer. Many people however have found themselves in a situation where by their house was wired for an alarm by the electrical contractor and the cabling carried out was not fit for purpose. Common examples of this would be would be 4 core cable being used where 6 core cable is required, cabling in the wrong locations on windows and doors, too many devices per wiring zone, not enough keypads wired for, no link to a phone point...etc.


If you are building a new house, don’t wait until the house is finished before calling us about an alarm. We will advise you about the current wiring regulations and will design a wiring specification to your exact requirements. We can then pre-wire the house for you so that all the necessary cables are in the correct place when you want to fit out your alarm system. Having your house wired correctly will save you money as the second fix won’t take as long as all the wires are in the right place.

If your wiring is being carried out as part of an overall building contract then I would still advise you to contact us before any wiring is carried out. We can check that the wiring specification will be suitable for the system you require when the building work is finished.


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Ace Alarm Services Top Tip:

If you are getting blinds or curtains fitted and you have a hardwired alarm please remember that the cables for the alarm will be passing close to where you will be drilling holes to mount the brackets for the curtains/blinds. Please contact us and we will advise you where to drill so as to avoid the wires.

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