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Ace Alarm ServicesAce Alarm ServicesAce Alarm ServicesAce Alarm ServicesAce Alarm Services



Ace Alarm ServicesControl Panel

Normally located adjacent your fuse board ,the control panel is the brains of your alarm system. It monitors the signals from all the alarm devices and provides low voltage power to operate your devices such as keypads, bells etc. 


Ace Alarm ServicesKeypad

The keypad is typically placed by the exit door or it can be placed where ever the customer chooses to put it. When setting and un-setting the alarm, you enter your code on this device. The system is capable of running eight keypads and a popular location for a second keypad is in the master bedroom.



Ace Alarm ServicesDetectors

These Passive Infrared Detectors (PIR's – Beams- movement detectors) work by monitoring the Infrared levels around a room and recognising a change caused by the entry of a trespasser. The detector will then inform the control panel which will set the alarm system to go off due to an intruder being in the house.



Ace Alarm ServicesExternal Siren

The external siren is situated on the exterior of the house. It is a white polycarbonate box with the Ace Services logo printed on it. The external siren emits a very loud noise and the built-in strobe flashes constantly. This will scare any intruder away in an instant.



Ace Alarm ServicesShock Sensors

These are small devices that are placed on windows and doors. An incident is detected as soon as the intruder attempts to force in the protected door or window, which means the alarm will ring all bells inside and out so the intruder will not gain access to the house.



Ace Alarm ServicesPanic Buttons

These are useful devices which bring many customers extra comfort when they are unaccompanied in their house. By pushing the panic button, the alarms can be programmed to sound, and the Gardai and key-holders are also alerted.



For more information on the type of hardwired devices that we use,

and the function of each please contact us.


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